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    Computer controlled ductility machine

    Computer controlled ductility machine ASTM D 113 IP 32 ISO 1208

    Category: Bitumen

    The apparatus, in acc. with ASTM D 113, D 5976 - IP 32 - ISO 1208 EN 13398, 13589, 13703 consists of a constant temperature bath capable to work in the range from -10 to 40 °C (thanks to a built-in cooling compressor) with an electrically powered tractor that pulls apart at an selectable speed the two ends of two briquet specimens: a load cell records continuously the force applied to the briquets transmitting them plus the bath temperature and the carriage speed to a PC through the RS-232 serial interface or USB port (converter required): a data acquisition software permits to display data on graphs, store them on the hard-disk, obtain printed reports and calibrate temperature, force and elongation sensors.

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