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Gasoline, Aviation Fuels

The apparatus consists of a benchtop case containing an aluminium block and the electronics: a touch screen interface on the front permits to control the equipment. Temperature and pressure data are graphically shown and can be retrieved or printed: the software comprehends also a diagnostic and calibration routine. Vessels are equipped with a pressure transducer, a safety bursting disk and a quick connect cable for the connection to the instrument: an oxygen line consisting of a flexible tube with valve and gage permits loading operations.

  • Enamel finished aluminium and steel case, benchtop version.
  • Dry block heater, two, four or six-place.
  • 8.4” touch screen color interface that permits to set block temperature, start/stop tests, enter sample data, diagnose and calibrate temperature and pressure sensor. Temperature digital display with 0.1°C accuracy and +/- 0.1°C regulation accuracy connected to Pt100 RTD.  Selectable kPa/psi pressure indicators with 0.1 kPa/psi accuracy: high precision electronic pressure sensors 0 to 2000 kPa scale with 0.1% f.s. accuracy.
  • Working range: from ambient to 120°C. Regulation accuracy: ± 0.1°C.
  • Stainless steel cartridge heaters, SSR controlled.
  • Independent safety device against overheating.
  • Oxygen distributor with gage and flexible tube with quick connects for rapid filling of the vessels.
  • User friendly graphical software complete with diagnose and calibration routine.
  • N° 2 USB ports, n° 1 RS-232 interface and n° 1 Ethernet port on the back panel for the connection to printers or laboratory network.
  • English written user manual. CE marked.
  • For 220 V/50 Hz connections: 2000 W max power consumption.
AD0525-600        Apparatus for two vessels, aluminium block. Dimensions: 600 x 760 x 770 mm. Weight: 80 kg.
AD0525-610        Apparatus for four vessels, aluminium block. Dimensions: 600 x 760 x 770 mm. Weight: 110kg.
AD0525-620        Apparatus for six vessels, aluminium block. Dimensions: 650 x 760 x 770 mm. Weight: 130kg.

AD0525-A00: Oxidation vessel complete with valve, bursting disk, pressure transducer head, cable and connector
PC01               Desktop PC
PRN01            Printer
CAL001           PT100 simulator
CAL002           Officially certified PT100 simulator
USB-CONV     RS232 to USB converter

AD0525-C00       Gasket for vessel
AD0525-C01       Glass sample container (without cover)
AD0525-C02       Glass cover for sample container
TA022C-N00       ASTM 22C thermometer (+95°C/+103°C)

Specifications may vary without notice.
The apparatus is supplied bare without glassware (if any), accessories and consumables.

Gasoline, Aviation Fuels


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